FGM Consultants

Our Mission

Our mission is to give members of the workforce the opportunity to learn new skills regardless of location, gender, age, race or past education. We also endeavour to improve the efficiency of Australian Industry so Australia will be more competitive on the global market.
FGM Consultants’ objective is to apply customer focused training and knowledge by understanding the value and needs of each customer, and to design and deliver unique training and consultancy services. These specialised services ultimately provides growth for companies through dedicated training and personalised mentoring of personnel.
FGM Consultants is a full-service consulting company focused on assisting organisations large and small through:
  • Analysing and diagnosing organisational and individual development needs.
  • Quality Training and Consulting customised to each client’s unique environment.
  • Assisting clients in meeting specific objectives that support their missions and business direction.
  • Elevating the standard for client satisfaction and service quality. 
We are proud of our success and appreciate your interest in our service.
FGM Consultants is a registered training organisation, providing Nationally Recognised Training. Our National Registration Number is 21183.