FGM Consultants

About FGM Consultants

Based in Gippsland Victoria, FGM Consultants Pty Ltd is an industry based Registered Training Organisation that delivers employment, recruitment and training services.
FGM Consultants is privately owned and operated, but has contacts with major employers, unions, and employer associations from various industries. FGM Consultants was created to generate opportunities for structured entry level training and education in its industry sectors. The Company’s sole function is to provide education via quality “In House” training delivery and assessment. In its consultancy and project management work FGM aims to create organisations that can promote and support the development of a skilled workforce for the representative industries.




FGM Consultants

Focus on the need to know specifics relevant to today’s demands

Facilitate career development and business savvy.

Increase “on the job” value.

Bring out the best in people, processes and management.

Increase employee productivity, build stronger teams, and renew core management skills.

Encourage persons with disabilities to apply for traineeships.

We also provide a range of services to satisfy the requirements of your company.

FGM Consultants is a registered training organisation, providing Nationally Recognised Training. Our National Registration Number is 21183.

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