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  • We are registered with the Quality Society of AustralasiaFGM-Consultants_14
  • Qualified ISO quality systems and food safety auditors – Quality Society of Australasia
  • Registered 3rd party auditor for Aus – meat  
  • Food innovation and development
  • Management consultancy
  • Multimedia Business communication
  • Food Safety Manual Compilations
  • Project Management – Meat & Livestock

FGM Consultants – Employability Skills Training

This program is open to people ages between 15 – 24 years, who are registered with a Job Active provider in various regions within VIC and WA.

The program provides participants with support and expertise to help them reach their potential by offering;

  • Interactive learning experiences based around real work settings and scenarios
  • Industry visit to help participants experience various work environments
  • Workshops on wellbeing to help boost confidence
  • Dedicated staff to assist participants throughout the program
  • Opportunities to hear from successful participants
  • Links to potential employment and further training

The program is delivered in 2 Blocks.


For all PaTH enquires please contact 0478 067 497

Email: PaTH@fgmconsultants.com.au






FGM Consultants Jobs – JVEN Employers          

FGM alongside its consortium partners Release The Beast and Paramount Recruitment Services were successful in obtaining a grant from The State Government of Victoria to operate a JVEN Program in Dandenong and Gippsland. The aim of the program is to place disadvantaged Victorian Jobseekers into ongoing employment in the meat, food and supporting industries. We have been funded to find 100 jobs for participants between October 2016 and June 2018 with the target of a minimum 6 months full time/part time/casual work provided.

Services to be provided by FGM Jobs JVEN Project include

  • Information sessions for interested participants about the project/industry. Initial  “eligibility” assessment for interested participants to assess eligibility for JVEN/suitability for nominated industries
  • For those shortlisted we will then conduct a formal assessment to fully assess suitability/barriers to employment
  • For those who are successful in the assessment phase we will engage them in 2 days of employability skills training, e.g. communication, team working, problem solving skills etc
  • For those who successfully pass the employability skills phase they will be referred to 2 days FGM vocational training, (Core modules of Cert II e.g. OH&S, PPE etc) to be delivered on-site at your plant (if possible). This phase will also include a plant orientation/tour activity
  • For those successfully completing the 2 days training we will place them into your plant for 2 days unpaid work-experience, to give them a feel for the job/identify their optimum fit into the workplace
  • We will reimburse: Medicals, PPE and Police Checks (if required) to you once they have reached 26 weeks of employment
  • “Fast Tracking” of experienced participants as required to employment opportunities, i.e those with the appropriate credentials/experience in the industry to fill immediate demand
  • Post placement support (Both on and off the job) to both the participant and yourselves to address issues in a timely manner
  • Where possible we will organise wage subsidies from our referring bodies, e.g. from jobactive /DES providers

Jobs Victoria provides tailored services to support and connect jobseekers and employers. With our network of partners throughout the state, we help jobseekers get job-ready through mentoring, training and development. At the same time, we work closely with employers to identify exactly the types of skills and experience they are looking for.

Through this process, Victorian businesses gain access to a source of quality candidates, and jobseekers find meaningful, ongoing employment. This has great benefit for individuals, our communities and our economy.

For further information please contact one of our friendly staff on 0411 378 807 or visit https://jobs.vic.gov.au/about-jobs-victoria

Email: hr@fgmconsultants.com.au




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